Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cheeky Girls

As this is a funny blog (only sometimes), I will introduce you a group that traumatized me in England, as I went to see it live in Bournemouth beach. Now, I want to share that trauma with you. Watch their two singles (in English top ten for many weeks):

Cheeky Song (presentation card from the group, non-commercial music):

Take your shoes off (they must have thought their music deserved that consideration):

And after watching those videos, imagine them in a live concert, and imagine my traumas... :)


Anonymous said...


they are such a mix like... Tamara's voice with the tanga girls rythm, all added to some 40 year old sex bombs ???!!

omg, how did u stand a whole concert of that?? joints? lsd? cocaine? or just laughter? xD

Anonymous said...


shake it shake it (yeaaaaah!!)
move it move it (com'ooooon!!!)
thake your shoeeeeeees oooooffff!!!!!!!

and all this, meanwhile, eating ice cream

I just cant stop laughing xD