Friday, September 08, 2006

How I feel tonight...

I would like to tell you all how I feel tonight. It's strange, 'cause there is nothing special about it. And I am somehow happy about it.

Life is more than these four walls I'm into then all day long these days. I know it must be. Hope someone out there gets the message today and answer this ultimatum.

As you see, I feel like Robinson Crusoe in his small, lonely island (lonely?, not sure of that). Have you ever felt that you must shout but you can't do it? That's how I feel today.

The problem is that I'm afraid tomorrow I will have to confront life again (just as Mr. Crusoe did) and come back to the Earth of books. Sometimes it has to be done. I think tomorrow is one of those times.

6 days for holidays... I need them, for sure. This period is taking away not only my time, which is really precious, but also my vision about everything around me.

I don't really know if anyone is interested on this, but I don't really give a damn about it. I just wanted to write precisely those words (or not, as I let my feelings fly away).

Thanks for being out there ;)

1 comment:

Guille said...

dude, u know Im here!!! freak4u2 !!! :D

anyway, we all feel sorta R.Crusoes at some point, somehow... so dont bother, its just fine... and swear off the rest of the world if u need it, its fine also :)

good luck with yur exams man, we'll need it... :S